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Who we are

Learn about Street Child of Sierra Leone projects helping vulnerable children to go to school. 

Who we are


Street Child of Sierra Leone (SCoSL) is a unique national NGO working in the areas of education, child protection and livelihoods in every district of Sierra Leone. SCoSL began as an organization during the 1990s, working with children directly affected by the country’s brutal civil war including former child soldiers.
Since 2008, it has been working with its international partners including Street Child UK to expand its excellent child protection and education projects for street children, to build livelihoods programmes, and to work to improve the standard of education in remote rural areas of the country. SCoSL has now supported over 50,000 children to access improved quality of education through individual and community approaches. In 2013, it was awarded a contract to deliver 10% of DfID Sierra Leone’s in country education programme for out of school children – scoring A+. During the Ebola crisis, SCoSL supported over 12,000 orphans to go back to school and stay there, through livelihoods support to their identified caregivers.