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Street Child

A letter from Tom Dannatt:

Dear All,

Many of you will have seen the devastating news from Freetown today where over 300 Sierra Leoneans have died following horrific landslides and torrential rainfall. 

These communities, who live on the hill slopes on the edge of Freetown, are amongst the capital's poorest inhabitants. We have been working in and out of these communities since Street Child began operating in Freetown in 2009. Those who have survived this tragedy are left with simply nothing. The capacity of the already stretched Sierra Leonean Government to help is very limited. This is a time where urgent charity is needed. 

For these reasons Street Child is launching a formal flood relief appeal to our supporters and the general public. 100% of all donations received will be spent as quickly and as well as possible supporting our excellent, on the ground, social and livelihood teams. In the short term we will focus on food, shelter and water. Afterwards we'll focus on ensuring that affected children are able to restart school at the start of the school year in September; and then we will help affected families rebuild their livelihoods.

Your generosity has made such an enormous difference in the past. If at all possible, it is really needed now. All gifts received will be so hugely appreciated - and of course spent as very well as possible. Please give what you can. 

Thank you so much,