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Emergency Appeal Freetown Flooding

Please support our emergency flood relief appeal to help the victims of the Freetown flooding in Sierra Leone. 


On Monday 14th August, over 300 Sierra Leoneans have died following horrific landslides and torrential rainfall. Thousands more have been left with nothing. Street Child launched a formal flood relief appeal to our supporters and the general public. 100% of all donations received will be spent as quickly and as well as possible supporting our excellent, on the ground, social and livelihood teams. In the short term we will focus on food, shelter and water. Afterwards we'll focus on ensuring that affected children are able to restart school at the start of the school year in September; and then we will help affected families rebuild their livelihoods.


Our response

emergency food package

The mudslide disaster in Freetown on the morning of Monday 14th August killed hundreds of people and overnight left thousands more homeless, hungry and incredibly vulnerable. Something had to be done quickly to prevent the mudslide victims from more suffering.  Street Child of Sierra Leone, recognizing the importance of speed, acted immediately and deployed trained social workers at the emergency sites within 24-hours of the disaster.  
Meanwhile our partner Street Child UK launched a fundraising appeal within hours of the mudslide which raised a small amount of money, allowing us to feed 1,000 people on the first day of the response, in Regent. The following day we scaled up to also support victims in two more Emergency centers, in Kaningo and Kamayama, feeding a total of 1500 people


Then Dfid approached us as one of the main NGO responders and pledged significant funding to allow Street Child of Sierra Leone to expand their response efforts. Along with WFP, Street Child were the largest distributer of food and drinking water for the affected populations. By Friday we started distributing the first clothing, toiletries, towels and bedding, and over the weekend our team also started distributing food and non-food items in the crisis centers in Colvert and Dwazark.


Once fully scaled up, we supported six crisis centers, distributing over 4000 food packages every day. Moreover we started our efforts on sanitation, to inform people about disaster protection and disease prevention. Our social workers, with help of community volunteers, visit people door-to-door and provide drinking water or water filters, as well as soap. We distributed bags with toiletries such as toothpaste, soap, a toothbrush, a shower cup, a towel, underwear and for the women also sanitary pads.

On 6 september, with the funds from CRS and Concern, our team continued their intervention over a 14-day emergency period to focused on enabling the victims to eat one hot meal a day, which was prepared with the 7 donated set of cooking pots and cooking utensils, by the community. At the same time 22.491 ready-to-eat food packages and 5000 eating utensil sets were distributed. 

With our trained team of social workers conducting house to house visits, Street Child were also able to provide first response psycho-social counselling and referral to basic services provided by other partners. An example was when our social worker referred a sick child to the Red Cross who was then transferred to the nearest hospital for medical care.

Thank you to everyone who donated and made this possible. You can follow the distribution over Facebook

Donation details

Donate within Sierra Leone directly on:

Standard Charted Bank
Account Name: Street Child Main a/C
No: 0100101936904

Donate from abroad / by credit card:

Follow this link



If you have any questions, please contact

Please bear with us, as things are quite hectic, but for any questions regarding donations you reach us on 076 590 863.